At The Conversation: “The activists’ playbook behind Obama’s Keystone rejection”

My first-ever analysis piece in The Conversation was published yesterday. The piece analyzes how climate change activists — especially — influenced President Obama’s decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, and what this victory means in the near future for… Continue Reading

Houston Chronicle op-ed on Cuba, the US, and Puerto Rico

I was first exposed to politics growing up in Puerto Rico, where electoral campaigns and post-election governance can be an acrimonious and divisive affair. This partly because, at their core, Puerto Rican politics are all about the island’s political relationship with… Continue Reading

Abolish the State of the Union Rebuttal Because Social Media

Published originally  at Iowa senator Joni Ernst’s response to President Obama’s latest State of the Union finally convinced me: it’s time to abolish with State of the Union rebuttal speech for good. That’s not a jab a Senator Ernst.… Continue Reading