Houston Chronicle op-ed on Cuba, the US, and Puerto Rico

I was first exposed to politics growing up in Puerto Rico, where electoral campaigns and post-election¬†governance can be an acrimonious and divisive affair. This partly because, at their core, Puerto Rican politics are all about the island’s political relationship with… Continue Reading

Three things Obama got right in his climate speech

By now President Obama’s climate speech at Georgetown University has been thoroughly dissected — even vivisected if you count live blogging and tweeting — by pundits, wonks, and other interested parties. But since you can never, ever have too many… Continue Reading

Climate geoengineering and liberalism

There is a story in the New Yorker this week about geoengineering research that could help avert the worst effects of climate change. Scientists around the world are looking into ways to alter the composition of the atmosphere in order… Continue Reading