New pub about online climate activism in “Environmental Politics”

More news on the publication front: my first peer-reviewed journal article based my dissertation is now published. It’s called “Climate change advocacy online: theories of change, target audiences, and online strategy,” and it’s available from Taylor & Francis’ Environmental Politics journal. Environmental Politics has… Continue Reading

Abolish the State of the Union Rebuttal Because Social Media

Published originally  at Iowa senator Joni Ernst’s response to President Obama’s latest State of the Union finally convinced me: it’s time to abolish with State of the Union rebuttal speech for good. That’s not a jab a Senator Ernst.… Continue Reading

Time for a digital politics code of ethics?

Cross-posted from Digital politics has come a long way since I landed a job as an “e-advocacy coordinator” way back in 2004. At the time, I didn’t even think of myself as a digital politics professional: I just had a… Continue Reading