More media appearances about net neutrality

After my appearance on Texas Public Radio’s The Source to discuss net neutrality, I appeared in two more local San Antonio media outlets to discuss the issue. First, I appeared in the KENS 5 morning news on December 11 to talk about the implications of the FCC’s net neutrality vote for San Antonio consumers. Here’s the video:

Then on the day of the vote, December 14, I appeared on Univision’s nightly local broadcast to talk about the consequences of the vote for consumers, especially Hispanics. The divisiveness engendered by the FCC’s decision to strike down net neutrality is sure to generate more political activity around the issue in the near future.

My radio appearance about net neutrality

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Listen to my radio appearance on TPR’s The Source about net neutrality.

On Wednesday, November 29, I was a panelist on the Texas Public Radio show The Source to talk about net neutrality. My co-panelists were Jacek Materna, chief technology officer of Assembla, a Scaleworks technology company based in San Antonio, and Klint Finley, a writer with Wired Business. During the call-in show, we talked about the impact that the FCC’s impending decision to repeal the net neutrality rules currently in place that were enacted during the Obama administration. These rules codify the state of affairs that has governed the internet for decades: that of a neutral network where all content is treated equally by ISPs. Their repeal would allow ISPs to discriminate between different websites, services, and protocols. This would allow them, for example, to charge more for access to streaming sites like Netflix than for email sites like Repeal would likely mean a menu of undesirable choices for consumers at higher prices, and could result in censorship of content of which ISPs disapprove. Click here to listen to our discussion about net neutrality.

Research talk: “Climate change activism: History, synthesis, analysis”

I recently gave a research talk at UTSA as part of the Department of Communication’s Research Colloquium. The talk was called “Climate change activism: History, synthesis, analysis” and was based on three publications I’ve put out this year: two articles for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia on Climate Change Communication — one about Internet-enabled activism, for which I was the lead author (with Jill Hopke), and another about fossil fuel divestment, for which I was a co-author with Jill — and a book chapter for Environmental Policy, for which I was the lead author with Matt Nisbet. My thanks to Peter Bella for recording the talk.