Looking for opportunities in advocacy or research

Important life update: I’m looking for opportunities in the advocacy or research fields where I can make a positive difference. Please read the blurb below and contact me with any leads for opportunities.

I’m an academic and digital communication professional looking for opportunities to help local researchers or progressive nonprofit organizations in the Washington DC area or remotely.

I have more than ten years of experience in digital and traditional communication, which includes the following: writing and editing advocacy emails, blogs, website content, social media content, press releases, and other communication products; producing web pages and emails using HTML, Adobe Dreamweaver, and content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal; conducting A/B tests for emails; creating and editing images for websites, email and social media using Photoshop; editing digital videos using Adobe Premiere and iMovie; developing and executing digital communication and advocacy strategies for nonprofit advocacy organizations; retrieving and analyzing web traffic, email, and social media stats; and other assorted communication skills.

I’m also a communication researcher and teacher, which means I have experience in the following: conducting literature searches and reviews; writing and editing academic research papers and shepherding them from conception, through multiple reviews, and ultimately to publication; creating and delivering academic presentations to audiences of subject-matter experts; reviewing research papers for academic journals and conferences; conducting content analyses (both qualitative and quantitative); conducting in-depth interviews with elite subjects; teaching basic concepts of digital communication (both theoretical and practical) to undergraduate and graduate students; writing op-eds and commentary for popular media; appearing as a media expert on communication topics; and other assorted academic skills.

You can look at my professional trajectory on LinkedIn. My CV and samples of my academic work are available on this website. If you are interested in working together, please email me at luishestres@gmail.com.

Luis Hestres

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